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A Smarter Way To Trade Anything!

Small Capital, Multiple Choices, Limited Risk, Maximum Gains

Trade FOREX Using Options

You can trade all famous currency pairs such as EUR, AUD, CHF, JPY, GBP, CAD and NZD using forex options!!

Trade STOCKS Using Options

Harness power of options to trade thousands of companies such Apple, Microsoft, IBM, etc. using small capital.

Trade COMMODITIES Using Options

Crude Oil, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Coffee are just some of the commodities that you can trade using options.

Trade GOLD and SILVER using Options

Gold and Silver can be traded using options. Limit your exposure, maximize your gains!

Options Can be used to trade FOREX, Stocks, Commodities, Gold, Silver, ETFs or even the US Government Bonds.

Here is What People Are Saying About OptionPundit...

Why Do People Fail?

94% Fail Due to Lack of a System

Manoj’s step-by-step trading system has literally transform people’s trading and lives.

He has helped them take their trading passion to generate success they have always wanted! His system works for anyone… there is no special talent, anyone can use it! YOU may just be his next success story.

Rave Reviews by OptionPundit Fans...

As a direct result of learning under him, $7000 profit during the last three months alone . My trading skills as well as results have improved significantly.


I tried few other newsletters and some trading on my own. I came into conclusion that in terms of consistency, risk management, educational value and comprehensive solution there is no service that comes even close to OPN…

Kim Klaiman Kim Klaiman
Canada, Founder of SteadyOptions.com

...16 years witnessing my capital being managed by different brokers....Option Pundit is well tuned with the market and exhibit option trading techniques far more sophisticated than my previous options brokers...

Luis González
Thousand Oaks, California, USA

You were very thorough, concise, and specific and detailed in your examples and illustrations. It was well worth the time, even for someone like me who has been trading options for over 40 years!

Chuck Mellon Chuck Mellon
Millionaire Trader, Thailand

10% to 50% with a quite high success rate. As a direct result of OP’s strategies I have made a positive cash flow of $34,000/- within a short period of time!


My best choice .. u don’t have to stay in front of the computer EVERYDAY…won’t have worry that market crash will wipe your entire capital...downside of portfolio is protected and money is working harder for you

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan

...I find it hard to put into words the value of the service you (and the whole OP community) offer the individual retail trader and investor. In my opinion, this style of options trading is the only path to consistent and repeatable profitability...

David Castello
Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

I love this newsletter…It’s probably the best thing that ever happened to my trading career

Mike Karmindro Mike Karmindro

…and many more!

If Manoj Can Help So Many Experienced Traders To Become Even More Successful, Just Imagine What He Can Do For YOU!



Let's Keep It Simple

From the Desk of Manoj Kumar

Chief Profit Strategist - OptionPundit.com




Investing is not get-rich-quick thing. But all this while, we are promised that so and so program will make one millionaire overnight. But let's face the facts, before someone can experience MASSIVE EXPONENTIAL WEALTH, it takes time and experience to become a really successful investor- rich & happy.

Through my portal OptionPundit.com, I have enabled hundreds of investors, globally, to change their trading lives, and have shown how to generate money from markets. I invite you to experience it yourself.

This is not a preview! Bring pens and notepads because through this TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING, you will learn:

  • What does it take to become a SUCCESSFUL TRADER
  • Top 5 reasons Why 90% of the traders fail to MAKE MONEY
  • How to PREVENT committing 7 costly mistakes in the CURRENT market!!!
  • The Magnetic Mechanisms to generate money from the markets - GUARANTEED!
  • How to achieve virtually MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME so that financial freedom is no longer just a dream

The SECRET OF SUCCESS is Mastering Proven Strategies and Systems. Compress DECADES INTO DAYS by modelling success.  Modelling saves you time, oodles of work, frustrations and thousands of dollars.

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The Question Is Not If You Will Succeed… But If You Can Handle The Success?



Who Should Attend This Transformational Training?

Whether you’re NEW to investing… OR you’ve already started a little… OR You’re a seasoned investor……This training is FOR YOU.

Mastering Proven Systems & Strategies is the SECRET OF SUCCESS…and it is the fastest way to compress decades of learning curve into days.

AND IF YOU ARE truly serious about mastering proven and right strategies that help you create MASSIVE WEALTH in the coming months…This event is FOR YOU.

  • Individuals – Tired of being an employee & stuck in the rat-race, looking for a step-by-step blueprint to create a massively profitable business online or offline.
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs – Looking to enhance their bottom line or differentiate from their competition so that they become the only logical choice.
  • Professionals – People who want that extra edge in their careers.
  • Others – Anyone who sells, negotiates or presents ideas to either sell himself, a product or a service.

“Mastering The Art of Trading Options Profitably” Workshop

This is the ultimate transformational training for aspiring traders or someone looking for creating another income using the stock markets. Anyone who needs to learn to trade effectively is going to be able to generate massive gains and massive transformation.

You will be able to do what you’ve never done, profitable trading, consistently!

How good is my coaching?

Rave Reviews by Real Customers

The Question Is Not If You Will Succeed… But If You Can Handle The Success?



What Exactly Is Options2Profit Event About?

Options2Profit is a one day amazing private, members-only lerning event that will teach you the skills needed to make money from the markets. At its heart – Options2Profit is all about transformation. You will see what you need, step-by-step to succeed in the investing and trading. Not just what you need but also find out the sources to meet your need. You will receive 3 investment books, 3months of FREE privilege to join OP membership and many more benefits.

Just Some Of The Many Benefits Of Joining the Options2Profit Event

Learn how to make money using the options – no matter what level you are currently at.

…and much more!

The Question Is Not If You Will Succeed… But If You Can Handle The Success?



Here’s What You Will Learn
(Worth US$1,497!)

  • 1

    PREPARE for Success with right skills

    Just like any other business, it is important to have the right skills to understand before strats rolling in. This may be a subject matter that you know something about – or it may be something brand new to you. We will show you how to acquire right set of skills that will lay solid foundation.

  • 2

    PROFIT with Discipline

    Once you have understood how to prepare with the right set of skills and tools, next important step is to generate profits with a disciplines approach. At Options2Profit, we will disclose you the secret used by professionals that allows them to profit with discipline.

  • 3

    PRESERVE Profits and Consistency

    Making money is one thing, preserving and growing is another. A majority of the traders can't beat the markets. In fact a lot of Wall Street professionals underform major markets. We will show you the way so you could do it too.

  • 4

    3 PROVEN, POWERFUL and Consistently PROFITABLE Secret Techniques

    Jaw-dropping techniques that can virtually enable you to generate money in less 30mins. As unbelieveable as it may sound, we'll show you the proof as well as show you how you could do it too. Also, we'll guide you on how to Acquire Mind-set, Methods and Money Management Systems for Continued Success.

  • 5

    A Systemic Approach

    94% of the people fail due to lack of system. We'll show you how to Create Your Own Profitable System and scale it for bigger levels so you could free-up yourself and enjoy the freedom that it can offer.

The techniques you will be learning at the Options2Profit transformational event can empower you to earn consistent income, retire at an early age and live life on your own terms.



Manoj’s step-by-step trading system has literally transform people’s trading and lives. He has helped them take their trading passion to generate success they have always wanted!

His system works for anyone… there is no special talent, anyone can use it!

YOU may just be his next success story.

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Real Customer Feedback:

Even though these Micro Trainings are being gifted to you, this is a TRANSFORMATIONAL course. This is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme. You should join ONLY if you are serious about changing your results and willing to work smarter.

Manoj, Chief Profit Strategist of OptionPundit, has been training, coaching and mentoring people, just like you, achieve their dreams and financial goals for almost a decade. The techniques you will be learning at the Options2Profit transformational event can empower you to earn consistent income, retire at an early age and live life on your own terms.

Predictive precision, enabled Manoj to create a proven and transferable system to generate significant profits — eliminating at least one decade of learning curve. You will learn Manoj’s Super Simple process of creating wealth + happiness in this transformational training.

The Step-by-step Blueprint is being used by many globally.

Are you willing to learn, to take action? Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

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Here's wishing you all the best in creating Massive Wealth and having good times ahead.

Best regards,

Manoj Kumar


We have to say this stuff legally and it's important to know. We've taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent this seminar and it's potential to help you. However, we do not purport this as a "get rich scheme" and by law we cannot guarantee that you will achieve any results or earn any money from attending this seminar. Your level of success in attaining results is dependent upon a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, business focus, business goals, partners, promotions, audience, and financial situation. Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success, income level, results, or ability to earn revenue. You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business. This seminar is for educational use only and we make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, or completeness of its contents. Any forward-looking statements outlined in our promotions are simply our opinions, estimates, expectations or forecasts for future potential, and thus are not guarantees or promises for actual performance. As required by law, we can make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from our ideas or models presented during the seminar and we do not offer professional, legal or financial advice. Our only guarantee is that you'll be satisfied with the quality of the program. If you are not satisfied you can have a full refund. Under no circumstances will the creators of or experts represented in this program be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material. We are not responsible for your actions or the information or actions of any third party that may be part of the contents or promotions of this program. By enrolling and participating in this seminar you agree to these statements and agree not to hold our company liable for your results or actions. You also agree to let us know if you are unhappy with the seminar so that we can address your concerns or refund your tuition.